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Cancer strikes one in three women and one in two men over a lifetime. More than ten million people die from it each year.

The best chance to reduce these numbers is through early detection and intervention. Over 19.3 million new cancer cases are expected in 2022.

Most cancer cases are preventable and survival rates improve dramatically when cancer is diagnosed early and the disease is confined to the organ of origin.

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One woman dies of cervical cancer every two minutes. Three people die of lung cancer every minute. One woman dies of breast cancer every minute. Three men find prostate cancer every minute. One person dies of liver cancer every minute. Four women find breast cancer every minute.
We build tools to help reduce your risk.

"After having experienced skin cancer and being misdiagnosed twice, I've found an organisation that provides accurate, sound cancer advice as well as tools that encourage early detection; I'm excited about how immensely helpful the Cancer Foundation platform has become."
Jessica Henriques
Cape Town

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