About The Cancer Foundation

The Cancer Foundation is a South African non-profit organization dedicated to cancer prevention and early detection. Our mission is to halve the rate of cancer deaths in South Africa over the next 20 years.


How do we plan on achieving this ambitious goal?


Knowledge is power

We aim to empower South Africans through awareness with information and guidelines as to which types of cancer could be avoided through certain lifestyle changes. This greater understanding of key cancer risk categories along with the required tools and resources could empower and motivate you to reduce your chances of developing cancer.


We are acutely aware that not all cancer is avoidable and that nobody should ever feel shame when diagnosed with cancer, we simply believe that wherever and whenever possible – prevention is better than cure. Initiatives will be in place to provide avenues of support to those already diagnosed.


Resources include information from accredited sources and health care or lifestyle professionals on the below categories:

  • Key medical advice and guidelines
  • Information on weight-control & healthy eating
  • Key physical activity guides
  • Combating additional to smoking or alcohol consumption
  • Meditation and mindfulness coaching
  • Guidelines on the effective use of nutrition and supplements

Early diagnosis techniques

Further to providing lifestyle changes that decrease cancer risks, The Cancer Foundation provides additional tools and information that may assist with early detection, providing regular self-check reminders and step-by-step instructions how to effectively do self-checks and what to look for, so that South Africans are aware of any unnatural changes to their bodies which would allow them to seek medical advice to assist in the detection of cancer in its early stages.


Promotion of Cancer Insurance Cover

The Independent Clinical Oncology Network in South Africa estimates that, depending on the type of cancer, treatment locally can cost anything between R10 000 and R1 million per patient, per year.


Even with top tier medical schemes plans, there are often shortfalls or unexpected costs. The Cancer Foundation aims to relieve some of the financial burdens on people and families affected by cancer. The cancer insurance offering by Stangen is unfortunately only available to individuals who have not previously been diagnosed with cancer.


How is the Cancer Foundation funded?

We know that the average South African struggles to make ends meet and that for the foundation to request donations from ordinary citizens to keep NPOs or NPCs like ourselves operating is sometimes a big ask. It is for this reason that instead of being funded through public donations, we have decided to partner with corporate sponsors to fund our efforts.

In exchange for this funding, anyone who signs up to the Cancer Foundation, does initially opt-in to receive marketing communication from these sponsors.


Those who wish to opt-out of our corporate partner marketing communications, will continue to receive communication from the benefits of the Cancer Foundation. Please consider that all partners are selected with the intention of genuine assistance in combating cancer.


Additional funding may take place in the form of events or the sale of merchandise at these events or on our website. Should you ever be suspicious as to the authenticity of any Cancer Foundation related merchandise or fund-raising event, please contact support@cancerfoundation.org.za.


How do we see the Cancer Foundation growing? 

For this foundation to achieve its goal of halving the rate of cancer deaths in South Africa by 2041, we need willing participants. To make the process of staying fit and healthy meaningful, fun and interactive, we welcome suggestions from all South Africans as well as any willing contributions from specialists whose skills could aid our cause.


We are here to help you. Should you have any recommendations on how we can improve our foundation, please submit your ideas to support@cancerfoundation.org.za


Wishing you good health and prosperity!