Success Stories – Interview with Pat Atherton

Patrick Atherton is a fit and healthy 37-year-old athlete who regularly participates in extreme endurance sports like IRONMAN. While we all admire people with this discipline, dedication, and athletic ability, what makes Pat’s accomplishments even more admirable is that in August 2019, he was diagnosed with an aggressive malignant brain tumour. Doctors indicated that his chances of survival over the next 5 years were 50%. 


Pat, however, wasn’t going to surrender to statistics and as a testament to this, in 2022 we have the fortune of speaking to a fit and healthy Pat, who has gained a wealth of knowledge from his personal experience in combating this horrible illness.

While many cancer sufferers may understandably look to Pat for inspiration. We instead decided to ask him about how his experience could potentially be an inspiration to healthy people, encouraging South Africans to pursue more balanced, and meaningful lifestyles, without the unwanted motivation and trauma that comes with experiencing cancer. 

To read more about Patrick’s experience and journey to recovery, you can read Pat Atherton’s war on cancer.

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