The cost of cancer is so much more than physical illness

It’s difficult to deal with the agony and uncertainty of cancer. It may be close to impossible if you don’t have health insurance or medical aid. The rising prices of medical treatment cause financial stress which might obstruct a patient’s recuperation.


Each year, an increasing number of people are diagnosed with cancer. More than ever, cancer patients are burdened with additional financial obligations when medical insurance comes up short, or income is disrupted. When you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, the last thing you want to concern yourself with is financial stress, unfortunately, this is more often than not the stark reality.

The growing bills that cancer patients and survivors have to deal with

For many people trying to recover from cancer, financial stability appears to be an unreachable goal. Cancer insurance is for those who wish to supplement their medical aid with true financial security in the event of being  diagnosed with cancer and their medical insurance is insufficient to meet the costs associated, or they don’t have medical insurance to assist with expensive treatment 


In addition, medical aid or health insurance often restricts payouts to certain treatments, whereas with cancer insurance, individuals are paid out a cash lump sum on diagnosis, which gives them the freedom to choose their own course of recovery, or cover non-medical expenses.

Public healthcare vs private health care


Our country has two, severely unequal healthcare systems. The public sector is state-funded and serves the vast majority of the population, whereas the private sector, which services the minority of the population, is mostly supported by individual payments to medical aid systems or health insurance.


Although public healthcare is government-funded and available to all South African citizens, it has a number of drawbacks, including long wait times (up to five years for cancer treatment), outdated facilities, and inadequate disease control and preventive procedures. 


Citizens with the funds to afford it, can obtain private health insurance to be treated at private hospitals and clinics. The private healthcare industry offers a number of advantages over public healthcare, including shorter wait times, less hurried appointments, better facilities, and effective disease management and preventive techniques. All of these benefits come at a substantial cost and are limited in their benefits. 


Why should you choose cancer insurance cover?


Even if you are young and healthy, a cancer diagnosis can have a significant financial impact on your life. Cancer insurance is a more affordable specialised cover that pays out a lump sum (usually between R500 000 and R2 million) in the event that you are diagnosed with cancer. 

While cancer insurance covers a variety of medical expenditures connected with a cancer diagnosis and treatment, such as hospitalization, radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery, you have complete freedom to spend the payout however you choose to. This could be on alternative treatments, not covered by medical aid, or simply to assist with the day-to-day cost of living or a much-needed vacation should you need to reduce stress.

At the Cancer Foundation, we are committed to our mission of reducing cancer cases via healthy lifestyle choices, early diagnosis, and education. We would encourage South Africans to consider the peace of mind that comes with  Cancer Cover.

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